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Women’s Health and Ante-Natal Care

Our female doctors provide sensitive and discreet women’s sexual and reproductive health support. Gynaecological exams, cervical cancer tests, birth control guidance and prenatal care are among the services we offer.

Men’s Health

Our GPs are familiar with the challenges and conditions that men encounter. We can assist patients in managing heart disease, lung disease, prostate health and cholesterol levels.

Pediatric Health

From birth to young adulthood, we provide a spectrum of services to the youngest members of our community. This includes childhood immunisations, newborn assessments, and progress and development health checks.


Vaccines help reduce the spread of disease and trigger your immune system to fight against disease-causing organisms. Take responsibility and strengthen the health of your community by ensuring your family’s vaccines are up to date, especially before you travel.

Travel Medicine

Are you planning a trip overseas? Make the most of your holiday by getting advice on staying healthy while travelling and acquiring the right vaccines for your destination.

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The Team Of Great Doctors Behind Salamander Bay Doctors

Dr. Mustafa Qaysi graduated in 2012 and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience through his work in Africa, Malaysia, and Australia. 

Dr Kaliane Fraife is a female general practitioner who graduated from The Medical School of New Iguacu, Brazil, in 2014. 

Dr Marat Abdulaev graduated from medical university in Russia in 1999.

Dr Mehrnaz Samet is a female general practitioner who graduated from medical school in Iran in 2007. 

Dr Marie Shieh has over 20 years of experience as a family doctor in the U.S., New Zealand, China and Australia.

Dr Somaya is currently completing her Medical training program with a keen interest in paediatric care.


We Also Offer Specialised Services

Specialty clinics cover a wide range of services from Primary care, Urgent care, Woman’s Health, Skin Health, Industrial Health and Aged Care.
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